The Executive Experiences of Shareholders in Rig Management.

- 2000-2003

Supply & Management of Jack-up rig Rani Woro for Petropars Statoil in South Pars.

- 2002-2006

Management contract for ALBORZ Drilling jack-up rig on behalf of IOOC.

- 2005-2009

Management of Atlantic Esbjerg Jack-up offshore Denmark.

- 2006-2008

Management of Bennevis self propelled Jack-up offshore Egypt.

- 2006-2010

Management of Alantic Rotterdam Jack-up offshore Denmark.

- 2007-2009

Management for the construction of two new build Jack-up Lifeboat in the USA.

- 2009-2011

Management of one 300 ft. Super M2 Jack-up offshore West Africa.

- 2012-2013

Management of 3 offshore drilling rigs for South Pars projects.

Mission in brief

Enjoying the vast and diversify experiences of the founders, DRG Oil Co will manage Oil and Gas projects to ensure long-term environmental, Social and economic al efficiency and sustainability. Continue