Kish Energy capital Cooperation (Kish ECC)

Kish ECC, established in 2009 as a project developer and finance arranger in construction and procurement of oil and gas equipment.

Kish ECC is representative of a private investment advisor group based in Hong Kong and it has valuable reach to Asian money and banking system.

The Company’s foundation is based on the knowledge and experience in onshore and offshore oil & gas projects; ensure the clients for highest responsibility, and elegant quality in furnished services. Kish ECC initially focused on providing entrepreneurs, corporations, asset managers and distributors of financial services with the expertise, knowledge and tools to efficiently access the fast-expanding International market.

Kish ECC provide special expertise, broad resources and significant value-added services to its clients worldwide, to support their efforts in business expansion in Chinese market. Kish ECC has Long term cooperation with well qualified corporations and players in oil & gas industry.


Kish ECC provides a wide range of advisory services including the following:

- Corporate Finance Advisory Services

Kish ECC develops and maintains relationships with clients worldwide to provide financial advice in connection with strategic business developments including acquisitions and divestitures, restructuring and recapitalizations and in arrangement of cross-border financing for such activities.

- Infrastructure Project Finance and Advisory Services

  • -Provide first class financial services
  • -Provide advisory services for organizing financial facilities
  • -Create credit facilities
  • -Attract potential investors
  • -Attract high skilled professionals
  • -Present sustainable customer satisfaction

Kish ECC enjoys strong relationships with major money center banks, other financial institutions and equity investment funds and the firm advises its clients in structuring financing for infrastructure projects, including:

  • Equity
  • High-yield Debt
  • Commercial Bank Loans
  • Structured Finance Facilities
  • Credit Enhancements
  • Asset Securitizations

Mission in brief

Enjoying the vast and diversify experiences of the founders, DRG Oil Co will manage Oil and Gas projects to ensure long-term environmental, Social and economic al efficiency and sustainability. Continue