HSE Policy

DRGOIL respects all national and international regulations regarding health, safety & the environment (HSE). Management’s main concern is to protect the health of the general public, employees of the company, clients & contractors to provide a safe work place for all operations in this company. Also it seeks a high level of performance in safety, health and environment, by complying with all legal requirements.

DARJ Kish (DRGOIL)’s HSE policy objectives are:

- Consideration of health and safety at work and recognizing that the natural environment is an important ele- ment to the economic performance of our operations.

- Prevention of incidents and accidents in all operation fields, maintaining a high degree of awareness & training for all company and contractor members.

- Establishing a practical audit system for tracking progress in the field of HSE

- Creation of a risk assessment system to minimize environmental pollution, human injury and property losses

Mission in brief

Enjoying the vast and diversify experiences of the founders, DRG Oil Co will manage Oil and Gas projects to ensure long-term environmental, Social and economic al efficiency and sustainability. Continue